The Chaos

Welcome to the CHAOS!!!


Hello World and Welcome to the Chaos!!

It may help to know a little about me and "Images by Chaos" in can find that here!

This Blog and my site are just getting rolling and hopefully soon will pick up some steam, but in the mean time, I will just begin like I begin everything...with both feet in, up to the neck, and pretend that all 10 million of my future followers are already watching with baited breath for the next post!!

This blog is my opportunity to throw out...Well...A little bit of everything photography related.  That may be a new pro shot I want to show off, a phone pic of something I caught in passing or even just tips, techniques and suggestions for my fellow Photographers, professional to amateur and all in between.

This particular shot was caught yesterday on my way to pick up new lenses for my face (Damn Glasses!), I'm just driving along...and there he was!  This is the definition of the speed of life, being chaos in motion!  You NEVER know what life is going to present you with, just begging to be captured and immortalized in an image!

It has been a long time since I had a blog active, but my photography has shifted back into high gear after a few years of being mostly dormant and relegated to family snapshots, and I feel like it is high time to get things rolling again...Because...Really...Can the world live without my insights,smart-ass comments, snapshots and images?

In the future, I will be updating the Chaos at least weekly, but often you will see daily, or even hourly updates just depending on what I am doing, where I am going, and just exactly how much chaos is going on around me at any given moment!!!  AND...Just wait till the Full Frame Upgrade to the Canon 5D Mark-IV with full Wi-Fi capabilities!!!!   That's when the blogging will really start taking shape!!!

My range of photographic interests in my professional photography as well as in my personal work, are all over, from the most planned and executed studio model/beauty/fashion work, to work nestled profoundly in the art movements of the both the past and contemporary times. No matter what I am shooting, I am engaged in 1 thing, eliciting emotions in my viewers and capturing the chaos of life that can bring us the most impromptu moments and the ideas for the most excruciatingly planned constructed reality.

No matter what the current project is, once I pick up that camera...I simply become a life support system for it and it takes on a new life, for the moment, for the hour, for the day or for the week, each photography experience is immersive for me and isn't over, till the camera says we've grabbed the emotions in the project!!!


So, Welcome to the CHAOS!!!

Gill T.

Capture Moments...Capture Life...Capture CHAOS!!!