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Macro Work Micro Adjust Rails

Macro Work Micro Adjust Rails

Money...we all have plenty of it right?  That's why we became photographers, because someone said "Hey, you have a lot of money, you should go into photography, it'll help you resolve that problem".   Yeah!  That's why...RIGHT!!!  But seriously, is it just me or do you feel like no matter how much you spend, there is always more you "need" to do what you want to do?  A new lens, a faster FPS body, new lighting...Whatever it is!!

Well, welcome to photography!!   Reality is, a lot of what we "Need", we don't really need, like so many other facets in our lives, we WANT not need!  That's not to say we don't want them for legitimate reasons, but it's still just a want.  Something that will make a project or projects easier or something that's just new and cool and we perceive will make us better photographers, there is ALWAYS going to be something!

Sometimes it's essential...but THIS wasn't.  Am I making money with Macro Photography?  Well...uh...Ok, so I have made a few bucks with some macro shots on my MicroStock portfolios, but am I making enough and focusing enough (yeah I said that) on macro to justify spending money on equipment specifically for it?  probably not...or at least not yet.

Fortunately in this particular case, it's a small situation...this little item cost me a WHOPPING $19.00.  and after spending hours setting up 1:1 macro shots without it, I can tell's worth EVERY penny.  So...If you are into macro, and especially if you are shooting a TRUE 1:1 (or better) Macro capable lens...FIND ONE OF THESE!!!


I'll be playing with it in the next few days so I'll report on my success/failure based on experience and cost, but with the initial quick shot I took today in less than 5 minutes setup (Cropped portion shown), I am expecting good results!  ESPECIALLY at THAT price!  (which...BTW, I have close to covered in MicroStock sales already...without even using it...but Still)

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